The use of technology is now a way of life for everyone, business and home users alike. With a bit of proactive maintenance, most critical computer errors can be detected or avoided before they wreak havoc. Downtime is the highest cost for any business, and productivity plummets when technology is not available.

The Neighborhood Nerds is a collection of bright minded, talented and respectful individuals looking to share the pleasure of computing in today's society. We not only build and repair systems, we can also guide you, one-on-one, at your pace, through the learning process of computing, so that you may enjoy computing the way you desire.

We provide fast, affordable solutions to residential and small business clients. Whether on your site, picked up, or brought to us: we can provide service to you any day and at any hour. Our flexible schedule provides for emergency repair capabilities.

promo_1.jpgComputer Repair

Repairs, Troubleshooting & Cleaning
Not running right? We'll get to the source and solve the problems!

promo_2.jpgWebsite Design

All services from the ground up and any stage in between. Consultation, Modification, Hosting & Design

promo_3.jpgNetwork Setup

Need to get new equipment connected properly? Have an office, room or building that needs wired? We can help!

See a detailed list of our common services.